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Heal Thyself – Power of Mind Over Matter

mindovermatterHealing is a conversation between you and your body, and your mind plays a far greater role than you might realize. The potency of thought in facilitating a return to health and balance, and maintaining it, has been expounded by traditional healing systems since time immemorial. And now even science seems to have arrived at similar conclusions.

A positive mindset, illuminated by upbeat thoughts and ideas, has been shown to have a spectrum of benefits for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Patients are observed to recover faster as well as stay much healthier than those looking down upon their own body and being.

But that is only where these effects and benefits begin; how you think in the face of disease and adversity influences how you and your body respond to it. The key is to remember our body’s innate ability to heal and rebalance itself. Reminding our self of this, even when we may be feeling physically weak or terrible, anchors us in our own healing potential and not in a variety of doomsday scenarios. Consequently we not only change our views of a pending health challenge, we also shift how we experience it. Knowing that your body is working hard to repair itself all the time, instead of feeling victimised by a disease or condition can make all the difference.

The methods of tapping into this power of the mind are many in number and nature- from the conscious to the subconscious, the light to the intense. Each of these works with the mind, rather than against it, tweaking and at tuning its processes and outputs to echo a positive outlook and ideas. Affirmations for instance offer a deceptively simple yet enormously helpful approach; these offer the mind a singular and concrete idea or thought to anchor its energies and focus on. You could on the other hand use meditation or hypnotherapy to dive into the deepest recesses of your mind, weeding out unhealthy and negative thoughts and encouraging a more positive outlook.

Whatever your choice of method and process, it is vital to remember that when engaging the mind to heal the body we are embarking on a holistic process. This isn’t a quick fix pill that once ingested automatically corrects all the defects in our body and being. Self-healing requires patience and active engagement with our own self, learning to read the signs our body sends us and responding to these with love, compassion and determination.

While your mind may be pouring out all the positive thoughts, in truth your entire body and energy field is at work. You cannot thus, for instance, expect for speedy results if you are selectively positive through the day. Healing yourself using the power of the mind requires you to not don a perspective, but wholeheartedly embrace and embody it. it is only when a positive perspective becomes the only perspective you have, that healing using the power of thought becomes a true reality.


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