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Remembering Your Dreams And Improving Your Memory

improve memoryYour dreams help you remember life lessons and past situations because they help you analyze what happened in the past and understand why everything happened the way it did.

The fact that you must pay attention to your dreams in order to remember them when you wake up makes your memory work. The fact that your memory works helps you increase your memory. The more you remember today, more you are able to remember in the future.

You have to write down your dreams or use a voice recorder in order to record them the fastest possible because when your dreams are fresh you remember many details that later you forget, even if you still remember your dreams.

This means that your dreams help you improve your memory only because you have to remember them.

Your dreams help you in many ways because you need help in order to become more intelligent. Your conscience is underdeveloped and you have inherited a huge anti-conscience that has satanic characteristics.

Your intelligence depends on your memory and on your capacity to relate the information you remember. Your memory helps you make conclusions and remember more information in the future through associations with the knowledge you already have.

God produces your dreams in order to help your weak conscience become stronger and gradually eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience, so that you may become a true human being, and help Him put an end to terror, poverty, and all the horrors of the world.

The scientific method of dream interpretation proves to the world that science and religion are connected. All mental disorders are generated by Satan, which lives into our primitive anti-conscience. God works like a therapist because we depend on His guidance in order to escape the logical traps prepared by our satanic anti-conscience, which keeps invading our conscience with its absurd thoughts.

The cure for all mental illnesses is based on the elimination of the evilness existent into our wild conscience. This evilness generates absurdity.

God helps you stop being evil with His explanations and lessons in your dreams. You discover the real importance of goodness, and you understand how to behave in order to find sound mental health and peace.

God gives you moral lessons that help you realize what is really important in life, and what you have to do in order to become a perfect human being. This means that you not only remember the past and you have more information about what marked your life; you also have moral lessons that help you transform your life experiences into philosophical conclusions.

Your memory doesn’t merely remember information. You understand the meaning of the information you have in your dreams, and you change your ideas and your behavior thanks to this information.

Therefore, this information helps you solve many different problems.

In order to find solutions for your problems you have to make various combinations. Your memory helps you make these combinations faster, and remember the solutions you were able to find.

Your precious memory is a very important faculty you must develop in order to remember all the details that compose your reality and all the situations of your life.


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