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Gravity and Grace

Gravity + GraceCaught between, and often defined by, a series of polarities, the human journey is quite a ride! Learning to balance out and rein in the opposing forces, we each carve out our own path through our environment, space and time. There is ambition and surrender, strength and flaw, joy and sadness; and then there is gravity and grace.

Our consciousness is always moving between the forces of gravity and grace – one isolating us from the collective into individual identity and experience, the other bonding and uniting us with the Universe at large. Ebbing back and forth between these, we experience and evolve as spiritual beings – by ourselves and collectively.

In contemporary lifestyles, the emphasis has largely remained on one of these two forces – i.e. gravity- with grace itself often being subjected to personal belief or even complete ignorance. The modern life- at home, work and beyond makes little to no place for a connection with Universal consciousness, focusing our energies on individual effort, endeavors and identity. Even when we come together to work or function as a group, we never ever leave our individual identities behind, emerging as a set of individuals rather than a unified collective consciousness.

In light of this nature of our existence and experiences, we suffer the results of a life lived out of balance. This is where spiritual discipline and philosophy steps in, awakening us to and helping us reconnect with the grander matrix of our being. Reminding us of the force of grace, we are once again brought back in touch with its rhythms and gifts, offering a natural movement to counterbalance the oft overzealous ambitions of individuation and gravity.

You see, untamed and unbalanced, our drive for individuality can lead us into a space of selfish actions, thoughts and ideas without care or concern for those around us. The forces of grace therefore play just as vital a role in refining our individual presence, as it does in connecting us to the grander and the ethereal. The same applies for the vice versa as well, with the counterforce of gravity helping us apply the wisdom and light grace bestows upon us in our everyday life and activities- no matter how small or mundane.

So how do we ensure our life treads the delicate balance between gravity and grace? The first step is simply awareness. Understanding a healthy and productive life as a balance between these two movements, rather than being carried away by either one of them, allows us to be mindful of our choices, actions, thoughts and ideas, and their impact on this balance.

Instead of being caught up in the promises of just gravity or grace, we learn to span the vast divide between them- we learn to think without ever having to stop feeling, and we learn to feel without having to switch our minds off; we learn about personal will and its strength even in the throes of surrender, and we learn to surrender as an expression of personal will and strength. Such is the magic of gravity and grace.


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