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Where There’s No Change, There’s No Growth

CHANGE & GROWTH“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects change is the cemetery.” ~ Harold Wilson

When change is recommended, it is often met with opposition. People tend to fear change. They often believe that if you’ve been doing something a certain way for an extended amount of time, it is the best way to do things. Some believe that longevity is equal to goodness. Inevitably, change isn’t just about embracing the unknown, but it is also about giving up something familiar.

Although fear of the unknown is probably the number one reason why people resist change, there are several other reasons as well. Below is a list of possible other reasons why people resist change.

  1. Connected to the old way. Whether it is personal or professional, people are connected to the old way of doing things. There’s an emotional connection to the way things have always been done.
  2. Changes to routines. There’s a correlation between comfort zone and routine. People feel secure in their comfort zone; anything outside of that will lead to resistance because it requires that things be done differently.

3. Loss of control. Change can make people feel like they have lost control. When change is a result of someone else’s decision, people tend to feel like they have lost their sense of self-determination, which results in feeling like there’s a loss of control.

4. Concerns about competence. Often times, in the workplace, people resist change because they are afraid of whether or not they can do a good job with the new changes. As long as they are doing things the way they have always done them, they will be seen as the expert, but when faced when doing something new, they fear they may appear lacking in competency.

5. Doubt Themselves. When people are contemplating making a life change, doubt creeps in. They begin to doubt their ability to manage or handle the change. Feelings of doubt make things appear to be a bit overwhelming.

6. Fear of Failure. Fear of failure is common. It’s human nature to think of all the things that could go wrong before thinking of all the things that could right. People are always taught that failure is a bad thing. The fear of failure can be so strong that they choose to not take risks, to not try something new.

7. Fear of Pain or Discomfort. No one wants to feel pain or discomfort. It’s not irrational to try to avoid those feelings. Change may come with some pain and discomfort, but growth doesn’t happen when things remain the same.

8. Fear of Success. Success comes with a certain level of pressure, attention, and possibly even some baggage. Success tends to cause change in the individual, and some people fear that change.


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