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Failed or Falling Down?

Failed or fallWhat do babies do when they’re learning to walk?

I have a nephew named Isaac. He’s just turned one and yes, he’s learning to walk.

He walks, takes a few tentative steps, swaying like a drunk.. loses his balance then falls down.

Now here’s my other nephew Wellbeck. He’s 11 months old and yes, also learning to walk.

Same thing.. He walks forward a little bit, taking tentative steps with hands outstretched for balance, walking like a zombie.. But then, even with all his efforts at balancing, he loses control and falls down with a thud.

Oh, and yes, they both cry their hearts out every time that happens.. Which is a lot of times.

You know how babies are.

So what happens to babies when they’re just learning to walk? Yes, you’re right. They keep falling down.

To us, it’s just normal. Part of the learning curve that soon they’ll outgrow.

To them, it probably feels like they’ve failed. They’re hurt, tired, and frustrated.. And they cry a lot.

Oftentimes, it looks like they never want to try again.

But what do they do when they fall down? Right again.. They get up! Again and again and again.

No matter how many times they fall, they just keep getting up.

Yes, they may cry a lot..but they keep trying again and again. Until they get the hang of it and just walk.

Of course, it helps that their mommies and all their elders are there cheering them on, encouraging them to get up, not be afraid and try again.

Now both of my nephews are walking on their own a little better and they’re on their feet much longer.

They just love walking, going everywhere they can go.

It’s getting to be a real challenge keeping up with them

Can we learn anything from these babies? O yes, we can.

When you’re doing and learning something new.. The learning curve may just be really hard.

Just like these babies..You fail and fall down.. You feel frustrated.. You cry.. You want to give up.

But just like these babies.. You need to get up, keep trying. Again and again

Soon, just like these babies, You’ll get the hang of what you’re learning.

Soon you’ll be the best at it. Just keep on doing it. Until.

So when it feels like all your efforts are in vain and for nothing.. When it feels like you’ve failed..

Health Wealth Victory Tips:

Learn from babies.. you haven’t failed. You’re just falling down.

So get up..stand on your feet..and try again.


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