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It’s Worth a Fall!

forget_the_risk,-65878The illustrious quote by Janet Fitch – “The Phoenix must burn to emerge” surely enlightens the memoir of the bird but what it also exhibits is the crux of a successful human life. One can never enjoy the taste of success without digesting the bitter failure. Whenever we fall from the stairs leading to our goal, we tend to curse it in frustration overlooking the added benefits. Yes you heard me right, benefits.

Giving us a juncture to reassess our planning as well as our efforts, failure drives us to our aim. Facing defeats molds a neoteric change in us giving us another chance to stand and gear up for the coming threat. It’s a universal fact that with failure comes experience which inspires us to achieve perfection in our further endeavors. Oprah Winfrey is a legendary example of this theory, born to a teenage mother having low financial stature she faced numerous hurdles and in spite of them she became the house hold name in America along with being the richest Afro American woman and a charismatic billion charismatic billionaire on her own. She was being fired by the producer referring her to be unfit for television, quiet an irony it seems now, talking about the women who made more than 4500 episodes of a single show making a mark on the globe. Apart from all the hard work, efforts and actions there must exist an inspiration, a constant urge to achieve what you dreamt of. Not only Oprah, there are many other fascinating and prosperous personalities who have risen beyond all snags. The man who defined and designed cartoons, Walt Disney, IT revolutionary Bill Gates and the great scientist Albert Einstein are only a few among many who paved their path to success drubbing all the negativities. The successful traits left by these personalities evidently teach us to fall again and again combating with a better reasoning and a stronger effort.

It takes a great courage to boost oneself after collapsing frequently but grit shown in such circumstances may award you with heaps of success resulting in stepping stones for your life. One of the greatest US Presidents, Abraham Lincoln’s life gives us the best example of grit, he failed on every front at first but with persistence and faith he kept moving towards his goal and the rest is history. Learning from mistakes, investigating reasons for previous miss, having an optimal way of thinking and accepting it as an opportunity to discover and grow can help in coping with the defeats and setbacks. Running away and being in illusions does nothing but delays the union of you and your success. We often have the feeling that we had disposed all of our efforts and attempts in the process, inspite of them also it ended as a defeat. But the problem is that those shots may not have been pointed in the right direction. Applying force does not always moves the object, applying it in the correct direction does. Compiling our strengths, keeping confidence and heading to start afresh is the key to touch the sky. Falling, failing and collapsing are the strong foundation on which a rock solid framework is build. Try and try until you succeed, after all what’s the fun in learning to ride a bicycle without hurting your knees!!!


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