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The Blame We Hold, Holds Us Back

who-is-to-blame-1a1Have you ever experienced an event that was so hurtful that you despised another so much that you hated to even being around them?

This hurt shows up in our face and body giving off bad vibes. It is easiest to get into these power struggles because we are right and the other is wrong. It is our protection mechanism to keep us safe and in control.

I held anguish against others for taking from me what was mine for years feeling the hate for them. Every time we met, the memories of the hurt returned and the focus was not on the moment of meeting two minds but on that ONE event.

There were times when forgiveness felt like it was not an option. I could stay in the misery or open myself to forgiveness by deciding to understand what has led them to do what they did.

Have you every stepped back enough to ask maybe what has happened in their life that has made them act in such a way, and consider yourself fortunate that you have not had to walk in their shoes?

Those who are harmful through acts of appropriation or violation will find greater grief and that is why it is said; ‘If you go in search of revenge, first dig two graves.”

How can your expect others to forgive us, when we are unable to forgive others for their wrong. How can we respond in kind when others do things we do not like or agree.

Look into the mirror as any person or a thing that pushes our buttons in any shape becomes our teacher.

Which do you choose?

Forgiveness is powerful. Let it all go, the damage is theirs alone to deal with. Forgiveness is greater than attack and brings us closer to who we really are.

Remove these obstacles from your path and accept the healing and peace that forgiveness brings. Begin with forgiveness for the wrongs you have done to others. Do it because you are more loving than those who cannot. For if you can’t forgive yourself and others,, the hurt and loss of peace will remain, and how then how can you claim to be greater than you are if you cannot forgive other who have caused you hurt.

Be forgiving and expect everything! Open yourself to a gift far more powerful. This is a love not for power or gain, but a love that resonates with others. Heartfelt acceptance of others faults allows us to be more respectful of our disagreements. It gives people space to be who they are, just as we like to be given the space to be who we are.


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