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And Then There Was Man

Man… male, gent, bloke, chap, fella; there are a variety of ways to say man and a multitude of descriptions of what he should be. Words like strong, tough and harsh have joined caring, sensitive and compassionate; transforming our ideal of what the male species should be into a new and improved ideal. If earth is the Divine expression of feminine energy and the example woman should follow, where is the masculine Divine expression and example for man?

We need look no further than the masculine energy of the Creator to find the best of what man can become. He is strong enough to willing protect a nation, a community and those he loves, yet gentle enough to cradle his newborn child. He is tough enough to stand firm on his convictions, yet caring enough to ‘stand down’ as he respects choices he knows he could control with force. He is harsh enough to call things like he sees them, yet tolerant enough to walk through the trenches with someone he cares about who ignored his advice. He is sensitive enough to wrap loving arms around a disappointed child yet openly intolerant of aggressive or threatening attitudes towards those he loves. And more, man is a co-creator with the woman who completes him.

Our ideal man has been redefined repeatedly in recent years. We have tried to reap the best of what used to be while asking them become the best of what we hope they can be. Like a recipe that was written with a pinch of this and a dash of that, we image the outcome will be a masterpiece. We like to imagine that there are no differences between men and women, a symptom of the idea that men are superior to women. To accept this, one must accept that there was ever a doubt, that women must prove their worth; that somehow being different means superior. They are different; it was the plan we all arrived with in life.

While men can move mountains, create trucks and trains, build a skyscraper, clear a forest and power a planet, the ideal man is the one who uses his might to clear the path, his wisdom to guide the way and his power to propel who and what he believes in to become the best they can be. Can a woman do all the things a man can do? Why not; we ask men to be big enough to respect their right to. This is the man God created in his image.


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