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Life Happens, What Are You Going To Do About It?

lifehappensLife happens… Whatcha gonna do about it? (I just hear Clint Eastwood saying this… Punk!). Things do not always go as planned and often it seems as if the only thing we are successful in is finding unfortunate events!

Has life “happened” to you? Sure it has. You wake up on Monday morning (what could go wrong there, right?), you head to the coffee pot, fill it up and walk away to shower. When you return, there are coffee grounds and black water all over the counter and floor. After completing a Olympian event in swearing, you clean it up. No time for coffee now! So you climb into your car and the car fails to start. Oh yeah, it’s Monday for sure. You probably best yourself in your past swearing event but this time the steering wheel has become the object that absorbs your frustration.

Or perhaps, you make the dreaded “butt dial” and the person answers to hear you talking about them. Unfortunately, that person is your boss and you were just pontificating on his latest screw up in your eyes to another employee.

We all have those times when things do not go as planned. How do you handle it? What do you do about it? When you are timid, scared or anxious do you curl up and hide, procrastinate or find excuses?

What sets us all apart from each other and what sets those who accomplish great things apart from those who don’t is what they do when life happens.

When a soldier gets shot at, what does he do? Does he hide and wait for the end or does he do what is necessary? He who doesn’t act or acts inappropriately is labeled a coward and may face charges. He who does what is necessary is labeled ‘brave’ and given awards.

What about people like Edison, Bell or a Reagan? Did life not happen?

“Wait a minute… these are great and famous people!” you dismiss in denial…

You are exactly right! They are great and famous! For what? Being the best they could given the situations given them. Not quitting. Not giving in. Continuing to act for what they believe in regardless of what others think or the possibility of failure.

The possibility of failure is what makes success so sweet!!

Ask yourself and answer honestly, “When ‘life happens’, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to run away? Whine and complain? Or just do what you gotta do to the best you can?”

Life just happened… you now have a choice…


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