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Backwards I AM

Brain-Teaser-800x875You know when we come into this life, as a baby, we all come with all the same tools, the same abilities and awareness, yet something occurs that drastically changes our individual lives.

The difference in our lives occurs when and how we are influenced by our outer world, the world of form and matter. If only we could stay in the internal world of discovery exploration and adventure.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful, just daydreaming all the time, feeling the wonder of the world, feeling the excitement of the world. How wonderful a thought! Yet as we grow, there seems to be no way to not be “effected” by the external world. It just seems to happen, no matter what we do, we are effected. Sometimes literally by someone or something physically altering our experiences. Or so we “think”.

O.K. here is where I will begin to challenge you, where the backwards starts to come in. We think we are effected by the external world, we feel things, see them etc. Right? Yet how about this, we all have choices about the nature of those effects. That is the beginning of our reality is how “I” experience it. It is always “my” experience and this experience is based on my personal understanding and or perception of what I call “life”.

Again I know we all have heard this many times before, how I interpret things makes a big difference as to how I feel about them and how they “affect” me. But what if I took this further and said that the truth is my entire life is interpreted by how much I have created in my “internal” world. In fact “all” of my life is my internal world period.

I know most of you reading this are probably saying what is she talking about, yes I can experience and interpret what I am experiencing in my physical world, but I can not control the physical world. Yet this is the most backwards thing there is.

O.K. ready? Get this, when you expand the internal world of thought, emotion and experience, the outer world will also expand. In fact this is really how the outer world is there at all. It is all, all of our thoughts wishes hopes and dreams coming into form.

All of the dreams of anyone are showing up in this thing we call physical reality and the only reason your experience is different from mine is your internal story about it.

This is the most fantastic thing to really understand. The word I Am is the oldest word for GOD. Or we can refer to this as the universe or the all that is. And all things are in this energy we call I AM, therefore every time you say I AM something, You really are” this” as the I AM IS WHERE ALL THINGS ARE! Just digest that for a minute.

So when you are in the internal world, dreaming and stating I AM anything, You are in the energy of all there is, REALLY! It is not looking at the physical world and interpreting it for your internal experience, but looking in your internal world and allowing it to show up in the physical experience.

So, dream, expand your internal world, feel the truth of the I AM, feel how easy it is to “believe” it in the internal world because the I Am really is where all things are.
And watch the magic happen in your external world.


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