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What Is Imagination?

imagination_vs_knowledgeWhat is imagination? Webster’s Dictionary defines the word as: 1) the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality – creative ability; 2) ability to confront and deal with a problem – resourcefulness; 3) the thinking or active mind – interest; 4) a creation of the mind, especially an idealized or poetic creation – a fanciful or empty assumption.

Imagination, what a powerful word! A person with imagination has creative ability, resourcefulness, interest, and empty assumptions. From a writer’s point of view, imagination and creative ability go hand-in-hand. From a business person’s perspective, imagination would be defined as resourcefulness and or interest.

If a person said you had imagination, would you assume it was a compliment? Ha! Fool, you may be to make ’empty’ assumptions.

Is the poet the only one who thinks imagination as empty assumptions? With an empty assumption one questions whether what you do, say or write is taken for granted. Honestly, people want to be taken seriously.

The most important perception of the word ‘imagination’ is to not ignore it when you are defined by it. Yes, you should feel good and complimented with it. Why? In reality not everyone can lay claim to possessing it in quantity and quality. Oh sure, everyone has it. But, not everyone uses it or knows how to use it efficiently.

In today’s society, a strong person would be considered weak if one did not effectively utilize imagination. You portray strength by being interested. Can you solve problems without creative and resourceful thinking?

If people depend upon you, you need imagination in order to survive. It does not matter in what manner you are required to survive. Survival skills begin with observing your surroundings and creatively utilizing what is found then being resourceful in applying usefulness with your treasures.

Let’s utilize all parts of imagination to solve an ordinary problem–purchasing a new suit for a man or a woman. For a business function portraying a resourceful and professionally interested persona, you would choose power colors-navy blue and light blue pinstripe matched with a light blue shirt and a red power tie. In order to be creative when wearing a suit for a personal summer function, you may choose light blue linen matched with a white shirt and a floral print tie or scarf. A poet or an artist would go wild while utilizing imagination-stripes, prints, mixing colors, you name it and the outfit would go beyond an ordinary person’s imagination. Think outside the box would fit that persona. Whatever the part you must play, you will need imagination to appear complete.

Imagination is more than just a word.


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