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How To Change Limiting Beliefs

How beliefs aYES_Squashre formed

When you believe that something is right, this means that you’re convinced-by logic-that this thing is right, as simple as that, right? No, this is not how beliefs are formed, a belief needs evidence to be installed, and those evidences don’t have to be real or reasonable at all, you may consider an unease look from a stranger as an evidence for a belief that says I’m boring! So you first have the belief, then you start to look for evidences to support it, then you may start to twist some facts and make them look like real evidences, so the question is Where do beliefs come from?

All the beliefs come from one place, we as humans have a need to avoid pain and a desire to gain pleasure, and the beliefs are just shortcuts ways for avoiding pain and gaining pleasure, for example your belief that says ‘it can’t be done’ could be just a shortcut for avoiding the pain of disappointment or failure you been through, and after that you start to look for evidences to support it, and because if you didn’t find evidences the belief will crash your mind will create evidences from nowhere by twisting things around, makes sense?

How to change limiting beliefs?

I’m going to show you two methods that will help you change any limiting belief, here we go.

As I said, to install a belief you need evidence/s to support it, so in order to destroy any belief or uninstall it, we must destroy the evidences, we must challenge the evidences, what does that mean? We must question the beliefs and create doubt, doubt in the evidences that support the belief that we want to destroy, for example, if someone believes that he’s boring, he needs to question his belief, really? I’m boring? Who said that? What are my evidences? Are those evidences were collected in a right way? This is how you change a belief, you question it, over and over again, the stronger the belief, the more effort it will take to question it, but eventually questioning any belief over and over again will destroy it, especially If the evidences were like “a glance from a stranger”, so challenge your false and limiting beliefs by questioning them, eventually they will breakaway.

Another powerful method to change a belief is to link some pain to it, like I said beliefs are just shortcuts to avoid pain or to gain pleasure, so when you link pain to a belief by actually realizing how much it’s damaging you, you’ll avoid that belief and thus destroy it, for example if you stopped going to the gym because of a belief that says “gym is boring” or “I have a bad genes”, but in the reality you are trying to avoid the pain of stepping into the gym, maybe because you still out of shape or for any other reason, this belief can limit you and you need to destroy it, and you can do that by actually linking pain to it, pain more than the one you’re trying to avoid by adopting this belief, how? By realizing how much it’s costing you and how much it will cost you on the long term, you’re going to be out of shape for ever, of course this is a simple example, but I guess you got the point.

How powerful is that

Beyond what you can imagine!! This is how some people manipulate others, this is how some people remain failures forever, this is how some people were able to do great things and this is how some people changed the world.

The power of the beliefs is unlimited, your beliefs about yourself, about the world, about the people around you and about the whole universe shape who you are and what you do, someone can manipulate you by challenging your integrity or by making you link pain to it, it’s a subconscious game, so take charge of your subconscious mind and don’t just accept any belief just because it’s there, it was a conviction in the past that no one would use the personal computers! Keep the good beliefs and smash the limiting ones.


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