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Who Are You Becoming?

Becoming YouEver wonder who you are, or what direction you are heading in your life; in fact, who you are becoming? There is a simple method to find the answer to this question! You can answer this by stating all the things you would like the world to believe, or even by writing your bio for your social media page… but the real truth can be found with a simple search.

We surround ourselves with people who are what we see ourselves as becoming! Who are you friends? What are they? Where are they heading on their life journey? If you have bonded and joined them, you are on the same path with the same destination.

The exception to this rule is a person who is steeped in denial or ignorant of whom their friends or partner really is. How can you know if this fits you? It fits if you find yourself stunned to learn who they are or what they are doing; when others around you wonder how you could have been so naive when you learn the truth. Denial is a learned response to things that are unacceptable or difficult to comprehend. We typically learn to respond with denial when we experience real pain from a situation we cannot control or refuse to learn from. No one is blinder than he who sees the handwriting on the wall and refuses to read it.

If this idea makes you feel defensive as you look closely at whom you have surrounded yourself with, look closer. In fact, look so closely that you can see the part you play in that friendship or partnership. Regardless of your words, you have willingly accepted their path as one you imagine yourself to be traveling. Birds of a feather really do flock together. If you find this is appalling as you look around you, you may be ready to alter your course to one that arrives at a new destination; one that better ensures your arrival to where you really hope to go.

Just as alcoholics and drug users cannot conquer their addictions without changing their friends and acquaintances, you can’t move in a different direction without cutting ties with people who are traveling towards a place you would rather not go. You cannot walk in one direction while expecting to arrive at a place in a different direction. Common sense will attest to the fact that it is impossible to arrive at any point other than the one you are walking towards.

Look around you; you are headed in the same direction, with the same expected arrival point as those you have joined for the trip. It is the very reason that society judges you by the company you keep.


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