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Fundamentals of Personal Change

Fundamentals - ChangePersonal change always occurs when an individual feels frustrated or stuck with life. This endeavor is always wonderful and stressful at the same time. We are designed to pass through challenges and stress whenever we decide to undergo personal transformation. This process can be smooth when we decide to concentrate on the vital aspects of the transformation process. The probability of attaining success is improved when these steps are followed in the process of personal change.

1. Undergo Self Orientation: There are certain things you believe in that may directly or indirectly affect your personal transformation process. These beliefs are known to negatively affect your ability to take action where necessary. That is why it will always benefit you to believe in your ability before undergoing the process of personal transformation.

Highlight all the beliefs you have that may limit your success and tackle each of them gradually. Also, counter those beliefs with some examples and ensure that you tackle all the limiting beliefs you have. It is important to know that this process is very stressful but your success is guaranteed when you follow the process. You can gradually tackle this by remembering all the horrible experiences you must have passed through in order to help you remember those limiting beliefs.

2. Set a Timeline: Humans are generally known to get things done at the 11th hour. For instance, your manager may give you an assignment and place a deadline on it, you will then be seen striving to get that assignment done at the 11th hour.

To ensure a smooth personal transformation, ensure that you set a timeline with deadline that may not prove too stressful for you. This deadline should be a little bit tough to reach and it will ensure your success. If you don’t have a deadline, your process of personal transformation will take a longer time to actualize.

3. Weigh your Progress: Personal transformation is a lengthy process which may cause adverse weight loss. However, you may gain skills during the process and you are expected to weigh your progress frequently. This will inspire you and enable you know your stance.

4. Formulate your Dreams: It is important to know the positive impact of the personal change on your life. A new vision will be needed when you discover that the current one does not suit you perfectly. However, it is very difficult to make a change but perseverance will be very difficult to attain when your dreams are not high enough.

5. Make a Decision: This is the strongest step to take and it ensures that all possibilities are taken off. Most times, we do not make decisions and when we finally decide, they are usually weak decisions which we do not follow. It is therefore important to make decision than to do nothing at all.

Also, ensure that you create various alternatives and thereafter select one. After reducing these alternatives to a small number, the remaining alternatives may be similar in terms of their benefits. So ensure you make a decision because it is better than doing nothing at all.

Your life can be positively affected through the process of personal transformation. That is why you are expected to set your vision and place a deadline to effectively attain it.


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