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Why “Learning to Sell by Doing” Will Change Your Life

SellLearn to sell by Selling

If I were asked why I decided to dedicate myself to the creation of business rather than a traditional job search, I would answer very calmly that I did it to learn the most important skill for the time in which we live: I did it to learn how to sell. We have already described the sale as one of the agreements between those most advantageous as money, in its essential and spiritual characterization, is simply an agreement between people.

We do a little analysis of the times in which we live: have you ever wondered why the higher returns that companies pay go to the sales department than the production department? The reason is simple: because they know how to sell.

Selling is a skill so highly paid and sought after (of course for the simple laws of the market, when demand exceeds supply, the price goes up), while the capacity of the labor market to satisfy this research is always at fault. Have you wondered why there are not enough sellers or there aren’t real schools of sale?

The secret is in the doing

The reason why there are not enough competent people in sales stems from the way in which this competence is acquired: the sale is learned only by selling. Unfortunately, times change constantly, people change trend continuously, change their minds all the time, grow, communicate, belt new relationships, are stimulated by new ideas, change and are modified by the environment in which they live; the seller must then confront a material (for the seller the “raw material” to transform are people and agreements) that is always different, is beyond standardization; It is not such as to a craftsman who can sharpen his technique on a material which is quite similar from one day to another: the seller is forced to be in connection with the real scroll and change of the times and to maintain this connection he must continue to work, to sell.

One of the greatest difficulties that crushes aspiring sellers on their way to continue to operate is an inherent fear in people, the fear of rejection. Not dwell now on this subject; we’ll talk later about it.

In short terms, selling as competence is difficult to obtain both for reasons related to the external environment in which we find ourselves, that for reasons related to our internal emotions. How can we find a compass that can direct us inside these two realities? Are there fixed foundations that do not change?

The media of selling can change in time, the way to learn it, not!

The first fixed point is that in spite of the medium that is used to sell, which is likely to change over time (think of how the world of internet has changed relationships, videos, social networks, telephony and technology in general, but not only… ), there is only one way to learn how to sell: use the chosen medium and start selling! There is no better way than take the field to closely observe the ongoing changes taking place and learn how to ride them. I’m not saying that it is necessary to throw yourself into the void; we can always find mentors and teachers to guide us in the first steps. Teachers found in the sale’s world are usually sellers themselves: distrust those who don’t apply in person their own advice.

Start making errors

The second fixed point is that to “train” our subconscious to accept rejection and stop to treat it like fear, we have to use the technique of repetition. By continuing to sell, making mistakes in the sale, receiving rejections and learning from our mistakes, we will begin to perceive the rejection as an important part of the sale process itself, that is the necessary feedback to guide and refine our marketing messages, the symbols that we communicate. After all is not the sale an agreement? And how you make agreements if you do not communicate?

It’s a mandatory skill. Learn why it’s so important to learn to sell by doing it.


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