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The Greatest Spiritual Truth

abu-bakr-abu-bakr-the-greatest-truth-is-honesty-and-the-greatestSo how can you change your life and your relationships in one simple step? The answer is the greatest spiritual truth. And it is simply to be truthful and honest; first with yourself and then with people and all your life’s dealings. Why does honesty matter? When we are truly honest with ourselves and others we create a positive energy in our lives that attracts more honesty and goodness in our life. Conversely, our lack of honesty creates a negative energy that can often create havoc and stress in our life and to those around us.

So how do you become honest with yourself? Again, the answer is pretty simple. Ask yourself the question, “Who do I want to Be?” And be honest with yourself when you answer that questions for yourself, Do I want to be a great father/mother?; do I want to learn more so I can teach others?; do I want to be successful so I can help others be successful?; maybe even more simply do I want to help people or hurt people? Take a critical but not harshly judgemental look at your life and see where you are honest and where you are not and how you can change those shortcomings.Who do you want to be?

We can all look at our lives and pretty easily see where we have created many of our issues and problems because we simply have not been honest. If we look at our world on a broader perspective, the untruths told by people especially in some form of power i.e. politicians, leaders, military, law enforcement, legal authority corporate management etc., has caused chaos and destruction to peoples lives and our environment.

That begins to change when we choose to be honest… with ourselves and each other. Will our words or actions be kind and helpful or hurtful and destructive. Who do you want to be?

Greater personal fulfillment, peace and success will begin to emerge into your life when you become honest. Your life may even become a bit more magical as those things that you hope to achieve personally and professionally may begin to actualize. These positive changes may not always happen in the way you imagined or perceived so you need to be open and flexible, but they will happen.

I am sharing this because my life has often been filled with a bit of magic and wonderful unexpected surprises. My challenges these days seem to be with people who are not fundamentally honest and I have to be diligent about recognizing that to protect myself and often teach them about being honest.


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