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Hate – Insidious and Ensnaring

STOP_THE_HATE_logoHate is a word most of us have used, oftentimes in a careless way. Examples might be “I hate cold weather” or “I hate squash.” Someone might reference the economy, their going nowhere job, or even someone they really dislike when they think or say the word hate in these instances. So what does hate literally mean?

According to Webster, hate is a strong feeling of dislike or an aversion to persons or objects, and suggests a feeling of malice. It can also mean looking down on someone or something with great contempt, repugnance or disgust. You get the picture – it is a word that truly denotes total and vehement loathing for that person or thing to which it is directed.

Hate is a cancerous treachery because is eats at you from the inside out. It is more toxic than any chemical, and is a fast-acting poison that permeates every fiber of your being, radiating that poisonous energy to all who cross your path. What happens once it possesses you is that it takes over your life and is in complete control of how you act and react to all people and things that appear on your life path. Funny thing is, that when someone feels hate toward another being or thing, they actually want everyone around them to feel it to. This is why hate is so treacherous, because its poison spreads like a wildfire, infecting everyone and everything in which it comes in contact.

These are strong words that I have shared with you, but they are truth. Hate is totally negative and can do nothing good for anyone because its energy base is from fear, and whatever energy you put out is what comes back to you like a boomerang. You cannot feel peace in your life when hate is in control, and love is impossible for you to feel at a depth more than superficial.

So how can you remove hate from your life and be rid of its control over you?
There is only one way, and that is through forgiveness. Many people look at forgiveness as a sign of weakness when actually, it’s a sign of strength. Hating is easy to do, whereas forgiving is hard to do. The strange thing about forgiveness is how it benefits you most of all.

It takes a lot of energy to hold onto hate, and it weighs you down while affecting so many of your life choices. Forgiveness frees you and lightens that weight around you, allowing for love to enter your life. Love is what sets you free and brings the good to you; it is the only thing that can ever overcome hate. Holding onto all that hate keeps you in bondage, like a prison of negativity.

Many people think forgiveness is for the other person or object. While it can be beneficial for others at times, forgiveness has the most benefits for your life. It is the freedom to love that it brings which gives you the greatest benefit, a freedom to just be who you are meant to be. Sometimes, you may feel justified in your hateful feelings toward someone, so if you forgive you are not excusing them of making unwise decisions that hurt you in some way. What you are doing is freeing yourself of the burden of carrying around all that hate, guilt, anger or blame.

Blame is part of hate for most individuals. Someone has to be “charged” for the injustice and it is not you, so hating seems logical and justifiable. But as I shared above, hating eats away at you from the inside out, poisoning every area of your life, so how can that be beneficial for you? Furthermore, it tends to gain momentum the longer you carry it around, helping it to grow like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill. Obviously, it isn’t beneficial in any way and creates treacherous havoc for you. Let God and the universe deal with the justice part and free yourself to simply love.

Remember this important fact – no one is perfect and no one makes wise decisions all the time. You’ve made many choices thus far in your life that were not always the best choice – that same is true for everyone else in your life. By simply forgiving, you allow yourself that wonderful freedom of keeping your energy for your life rather than giving it away to hate and all its negative side effects. Hate serves absolutely nothing good for you, so letting go of the hate and forgiving anyone you presently hate in your life allows you to experience unconditional love and peace. Even if the person did something hurtful, unkind or infuriating, by allowing God to handle the consequences and forgiving that person, you allow healing to occur and a windfall of love, peace and freedom to fall upon you.

So as you can see, hate affects you most of all. It serves no good in your life, and if left to continue festering inside of you, will eventually spill out and destroy the people you love as well as your own life. Being ensnared by hate keeps you from enjoying your life as well as all the people in your life, so release the hate by forgiving those who you know you have felt great dislike or hatred towards, and you will experience amazing peace. It may feel difficult to do, but it will be so worth it and will bring you many blessings.

At times it will be necessary to actually speak with someone who you directed this hatred toward, telling them how you feel and perhaps asking for their forgiveness. Sometimes speaking with them isn’t possible and it may be that you simply forgive that person and yourself to God. Be assured that either way, your internal energy will shift and those around you will feel the difference in you and will respond favorably to it. When one person changes, it forces a change in everyone else, whether they want to or not. If you drop the negativity and switch to a loving, positive attitude, there is no way that the energy will remain as it was.

Whatever it is that you didn’t want to accept has created a dark cloud that shrouds you with negativity, and that cannot ever bring you peace, contentment, happiness or a real appreciation for life itself. Take time today to forgive those you’ve placed negative feelings on and then forgive yourself for ever harboring those feelings. I’ll close with the following quotes from two well known individuals: Shakti Gawain said “Anything in life that we don’t accept will simply make trouble for us until we make peace with it,” and Ann Landers stated “Hate is like acid. It can damage the vessel in which it is stored as well as destroy the object on which it is poured.”

Since hate serves no good in your life and eats away at you from the inside out like an acid, it’s time for you to get rid of all those negative feelings of hatred and practice forgiveness, which is based from love. The vibrations of hatred that you feel, radiate out from you and bring life experience in that same negative vibration. Choose to live through love, for love is the only things that heals and brings good to you.


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