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What is “STRESS?”

Stress is the result of howstress we respond to a situation. When we manage stress, we learn to manage its harmful effects thus reducing stress and make it works for us instead of against us. Too little of stress can be as dangerous as too much of it.

‘STRESS’, can be transformed into a very powerful motivator. It has multiple meanings and associations. Most of us associate stress with unpleasant experiences and we view stress as a destructive force; however, when stress is appropriately managed it is transforms from destructive to motivational.

Positively looking; ‘STRESS’ is actually good for us, in fact it is an essential emotion that motivates us to a greater self awareness and self confidence. Stress helps us to lead a more rewarding life.

Understanding the way we react to stress is important towards managing it. It can be very difficult to do anything about our immediate responses towards stressful situations, however we can learn to give different messages so that our reaction does not turn out to be destructive.

Any situation, no matter how small or big can act as a stressor. Change itself is potentially stressful since change requires adaptation. Our body reacts with stress to the change, to the unfamiliar. The level of stress we experience at the time of change influences our reaction to it. If we are already under a lot of stress, a slight change in the circumstance can tip the balance and we find ourselves experiencing exhaustion. However, if we have managed our stress well, then we will be able to view the change as challenging and stimulating. We start seeing the change in a different light with positive possibilities.

Stress causes us to experience hurt, frustration, anger, etc. Some of these negative feelings are caused not by a situation but by the way we handle it and the way we respond. Our responses to many situations can be controlled and managed so that the stress can be helpful, stimulating and developmental. When we are able to manage our behavior and replace negative ways of responding with positive ways, we enhance our dignity and self-esteem.

To manage stress, understand why you are feeling stressed. Is it because the situation is unfamiliar or is it because of a previous negative experience. Once you have identified the root cause of stress; it will help you to start looking for a solution. We need to learn to control the situation and let stress bring success in our lives.


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