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Balance and Imbalance

Balance & ImbalanceThe words ‘Balance and Imbalance’ are not only intriguing and essential but also very important aspects of creation. The system which revolves around us is perfectly and precisely balanced and has no analogy to compare. Similarly, the imbalance which causes discomforts around us has its own significant balance. These two facts show an incomparable precision and meticulously executed, thereby, establishing yet again Creator’s perfect flawless planning. Although, at the outset, it sounds a bit confusing and inconclusive, however, it is beyond our comprehension. We specifically termed these incidents as Creator’s mercy or fury. It leaves many points to ponder, as man has limitations and cannot comprehend Creator’s hidden context and concept.

In general, Human Beings’ dormant tendency revolves around peripheral knowledge heavily influenced by heresy. They failed to think deeply and explore actual meanings within the context and limits of realities. They cannot decode the hidden meaning and accept mirage of illusion as realities and believe as gospel truth. Hence the words, balance and imbalance are interpreted to suit the individual and not exploring and explaining the realities to masses.

Although there are many meanings to these two above specified words depending on its usage under varying situations. The most interesting and proper is,” Stability of one’s mind and feelings.” We have witnessed and are continuing to do so, eventually, visualize the future being in a perfect balance. Of-course, there are many adjectives are attached to it while describing its importance and justifying the same. It, thus, helps to substantiate our arguments, leaving behind a legacy to follow suit constructively.

We are talking about Creator’s perfection. He is maintaining the balance in His creations. He emphasized it in the Holy Qur’an in chapter 55 and verse 7, “And the heaven; He raised it high, and He made the balance.” The law of creation and existence within the universe is precisely planned, executed and controlled in a way that is just and perfect. It suits everybody and benefits accordingly. It is also a fact that the creation is expanding and new creations are being come into existence. The fact is being substantiated periodically as scientific data is continually revealing the truth.

The apparent imbalance causing disaster in one form or the other, is yet again balanced within the limits of the natural phenomenon. Here, we must pause and check the sequence of events before and post scenario after disaster. Applying reasons and logic in an objective way will show the facts and factuality of human mind’s stability and feelings. Of-course a stable mind can think logically and objectively, thereby his feelings become positive and effective.

We can also see and evaluate balance and imbalance in our daily life both subjectively and objectively. At the outset, any desired result or outcome is directly proportional to our feelings. This will affect our mood, thus, our actions and reactions will reveal our perception and mindset. The positive and favorable results will elevate our moral and happiness reaches its peak. On the other hand, we fail to analyze repercussions of imbalance in the face of a disaster. However, the advantage and beneficial results associated with imbalance have its own story to tell. Thus, we perceive all sorts of negativity, ill-effects and ignore the advantages associated with it. It is termed as ignorance coupled with impertinence and these are the points to ponder!

The inbuilt characteristics of human beings are conspicuous by their ignorance, arrogance and submission. If we ponder over their ignorance, then we can check the nuisance of advantages associated with human beings’ character. The human beings’ creations are fashioned in a specific way in its original form by Almighty God. Hence, they are capable of fulfilling the task assigned to them. Any deviation from the intended track of human values and selfless desires can wreck the society immensely. Here, the most important aspect is the elimination, of “I” factor to comprehend the balance and imbalance unequivocally.


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