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Dare Your Fear

Are you afraid? In mDare your fearost of the instances, the answer will be negative. People are never ready to admit that they are afraid. The truth, however, stays the same. There is fear inside everyone. Even Gods are afraid at times, what to talk about the human beings!

The people who remember Mahabharata should remember what the great warrior Karna said after looking at the universe’s best archer Arjuna and Sri Krsna. Karna said that only the wood-warriors do not feel fear. Those who are human, full of humane qualities, will feel fear. The question is, how to come out of it? How to overcome the cause that makes you afraid?

Doing an anatomy will bring paradoxes out of the box and certainly, will be of no use to me, to you! For an instance, let us look back and listen to Plato:

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

You can easily find n numbers of quotes like this. Ask yourself, however, of the advantages that you get from them. With ‘nothing’ in reply, you will further go on to complain that ‘I am feeling rather baffled’. The simplest way to overcome your fear is, and it works, acceptance. Once you accept the cause that makes you feel awry, you will see your fear fading away.

A child was playing near a lamp. The glass that covered the flame was hot. He remembered once his father told him not to touch the glass. He was afraid of it and took utmost care (in fact, unnecessary) while around the lamp. He saw an insect and ran towards it. Accidentally, his hands came into contact with the glass. “It is hot!” The boy exclaimed. He has experienced the cause of his fear and accepted it as well. What happened after that incident was that the unnecessary care the boy took, was no more.

Once again, our story paves the path for a new paradox. How can anyone experience death if death be the cause of fear? The answer is, you can accept that as the inevitable truth of our life. You can experience it by seeing others giving up their ghost.

The purport of my thought is – experience and acceptance. These are the tools that can bring you out of the dilemma of fear. Rambling about your fear cannot give you a solution. Go ahead and dare it! Fear is not the least competitor of faith.


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