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For many people, a negative response is so natural that they don’t even recognize its negative. Their mindset is already in the habit of verbally expressing negativity when negativity happens. Some may even say they’re just a realist. It’s OK to recognize the negative event – it’s not OK to continuously respond with the same negativity of the event. True change can’t happen when we just recognize the situation. True change happens when we respond effectively causing the event to not negatively impact our lives. When seasons change, something triggers the change. For example, as summer transitions into fall, there are several triggers that happens. These triggers include change in temperature, change in the orbital position of the Earth and sun, etc. Our triggers that causes our season to change should include responding effectively about wanting and/or needing the season to change.

How Can Negativity Impact Your Life?

There are several ways negativity can impact your life:

Negativity can cause unnecessary stress

When a bad or tragic event occurs, it automatically causes a reaction that elevates stress. It’s healthy to have a natural reaction of crying and being emotional. However, as time progresses after this event has occurred, our ongoing responses should not elevate our stress level any higher. For example, if a loved one dies of a major sickness, adequate mourning is completely understandable and necessary. However, becoming upset with the doctors, nurses, other family members, or even yourself is not the proper next step to overcoming the emotional pain of such an event. If you find yourself becoming upset and responding negatively towards others, it’s time to check where your mind is and it’s time for a change. High stress levels can cause major mental and health issues. You may want to seek medical help if you feel extremely overwhelmed. However, you can seek help from a counselor/life coach to help you manage your stress level and get back to a more positive perspective on life.

Negativity can cause an unstable mindset

Unnecessary stress and negativity can cause us to lose our minds. An unstable mindset is when we are constantly doubting what/who we are and what/who we can become. Overcoming small doubts is normal when facing a new challenge. However, the key is to overcome the doubt. Negativity will cause us to think we can’t when in fact we can. Negativity often comes from having doubt. For example, when challenged to start a business it may seem extremely overwhelming and people may speak negatively about you starting the business. People will start ranting on about statics and the economy not being stable so this will cause your business to not be successful. However, there are so many others who have been successful at starting a business. We research and read about others who never gave up and finally were successful. These are the testimonies that proves success is possible for everyone. Will it take hard work? Yes. Can it possibly take multiple attempts? Yes. Can it take several years? Yes. Don’t allow negativity to foster doubt which will result in having an unstable mind. Your mind should have stability that fosters optimism which will result in having a better life.

Negativity can cause an unstable environment

Anger, frustration, fear, and many other emotions can result in developing a negative environment. We all experience emotions. It’s natural and it’s going to happen. However, some emotions can become negative if not properly handled. Many people will blame being in an unstable environment caused them to become who they are. It is much easier not to do anything, be selfish, and blame others. Making the choice to settle for whatever can be unproductive and unsuccessful. You may even think that as long as you don’t try, nothing else bad can happen. Honestly, making the choice to settle and not do anything can cause the unstable environment to follow you for the rest of your life. It’s too big of a risk not do anything! Is there a risk if you take the chance and do something to change your environment? Yes and that’s the truth. However, the odds of change for the better increases when you finally make up in your mind that negativity will no longer inhabit your environment – causing instability. The choice is yours but recognize the risks with both. I urge you to select the risk that increases the odds for a better life.

Negativity can cause low self-esteem

Negativity also births low self-esteem. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. However, focusing only on the flaws and imperfections will give way to negative thoughts about yourself. In the modern culture, it’s not uncommon to improve and enhance your appearance. This can be for temporary reasons, e.g. elegant dinner, beautiful wedding, business portfolio photos, etc. There are also those that do permanent enhancements for personal reasons, e.g. cosmetic surgery, permanent make-up, etc. However, none of these enhancements will matter if low self-esteem is the most visible feature. I would also suggest not pretending to have a high level of self-esteem just to impress others. This is because at the end of day, when no one else is around, only one person has to deal you – that’s you! Pretending to have high self-esteem takes more work and causes more stress because you end-up in an identity crisis with yourself! Being thankful and proud of who you really are is a much more pleasant feature to show others than one of a pretender. Don’t allow others to influence your self-esteem. It’s good to receive and acknowledge compliments. It’s also good to have a healthy balance of pride and humility. Everyone has plenty of wonderful features that makes them extraordinary! Don’t allow negativity to make you believe anything different!

Negativity can cause unsuccessful achievements

Unsuccessful achievements can be the result of different things. Negativity is one of them. When you have a negative attitude and a negative life perspective, successful achievements will be hard to gain. It’s similar to the phrase of seeing the glass half full or half empty. When the perception is half full, then that means there is opportunity for growth and there is enough to keep moving forward. When the perception is half empty, then that means there is no opportunity for growth so what’s the point of having hope for a future. It is difficult to have those items to help make the glass seem half full. However, they can be found. There’s plenty of items to find to make the glass seem half full – actually there’s plenty to find to make it overflow! That’s when successful achievement can happen and continue to happen – when we can see the glass half full and eventually allow the glass to overflow!


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