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A Mindset That always overcomes

Would you like to have a mind that is full of confidence? A mind that knows it is in control of things happening around it? A mind that glorifies God? Well, you can have such a mind; but you must also believe!

This would be a trained mind. A mind continually exposed to the word of God; and empowered by the Spirit of God.

Our natural human mind cannot deliver their full and true potential. This is so because of the presence and interference of sin. Sin causes us to do things even against our better judgment! Things harmful to ourselves and others. This appears to present a somewhat helpless and hopeless situation for humankind–as they live each day.

But this condition is neither hopeless nor helpless for anyone!

Would you like to have a mind that demonstrates confidence and success? A calm mind that lives above the circumstances? You can have it!

It is the mind of Christ Jesus.

It is the mind He gives to all who believe and follow Him.

It is the supernatural mind! It is given to Believers to unleash their true potential and help others do the same in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is the supernatural mind of the Spirit of God, which will teach the natural mind and enable him/her to do God’s will.

It is the only mind that can overcome every obstacle or difficulty.

However, with regards to a mind-change, a permanent and sustainable change is an ongoing process. Moreover, there is only one Person who can bring about this Change!

You will have to get in touch with God the Father, and His Son Christ Jesus. There is no other way! They are the Makers of the mind of man!

We have been thinking about the mind and what it does. Suppose we go a little further and think about–body, soul and spirit–Suppose we start thinking about forming a relationship with our Creator; because He is good and He loves us! We sincerely want to know more about Him; and how we can follow Him. We want to become a Christian!

A Christian is one who has confessed his/her sins to God; and asked His forgiveness. He/she then changes course of direction and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.a

The Scriptures or the Holy Bible represent the teachings of Jesus Christ. In them the Spirit of Jesus Christ says– if we confess our sins He will forgive us our sins and clean us from all unrighteousness. In addition when we ask, He gives us His Holy Spirit which teaches us; and gives us supernatural power. This power enables the Believer to live a victorious life even in the midst of humanly overwhelming circumstances. The Believer is also able to liberate that mind or body held captive by the Evil One!

This is the Mind that overcomes because its origin is in God. God gives this mind to those who believe and do His will.


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