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Although rejection Rejectioncan sting, it should not disturb your future or your efforts. Although rejection is not enjoyable, it rarely kills. It is a part of life that must be faced by everyone. No need to worry; there are strategies that you can use to transform rejection into a propelling force to success. Try the following tips if you want to move on and deal with rejection efficiently and quickly:

1. Learn from the rejection. Could there have been something that you would have done better? Take the opportunity to adopt a good look at your rejection and get educated by it. If you can learn a single small thing from every negative experience in your life, you will reduce the number of the rejections by far. If necessary, find out what you can do to improve. You can also get a few points that you can apply in future from a job interviewer. Pay attention to the answers you will receive. There is an association between certain quests and a low rate of success. For example, you may wish to buy a house from sellers by offering them $1.5. Suppose 99 % reject your offer, you should accept that a certain degree of rejection is associated with any endeavour.

2. Desist from assuming that you are part of the reason for the rejection. For example, a woman may object to the idea of going out with you for reasons that do not have anything to do with you.

She is seeing someone else already
She is taking care of her ill mother
She just ended a long term relationship
She has affection for members of opposite sex
She intends to move soon

3. Recall that every human being to have ever lived on this earth had dealt with rejection. Those who get the most rejections are the most successful people. They are just better at forging ahead compared to those whose results are average.

4. Observe self-talk closely. Positive thoughts are the only ones you should keep. Meagre expectations and a poor mood give poor results. If you want good things to happen, spell out good things.

5. Come to a realisation that many other opportunities are available. What is the total number of potential romantic partners that exist in the world.? There are millions. A single rejection is an indication that you are participating in the world. Only the people who are at home on the couch do not get rejected. The future holds many opportunities for you. Your recent miss cannot match many of them.

6. Give yourself proper treatment. A single failure is no excuse to subject your life to ill-treatment. Excessive eating, drinking alcohol excessively or spending money recklessly is not the answer. Feel happy about the efforts you had made. Maybe you can even reward your recent rejection. Rejection does not differ from missing the strike zone during a baseball game. Walking off the mound after a single errant would not be necessary. You should not allow rejection to impact your behaviour or mood negatively. Try your best to learn from your rejections, to grow and to try again when an opportunity presents itself in the future. Rejection is not just an undesired outcome.

7. Recall that each rejection brings closer to success. You cannot fail if you avoid quitting. Can you? Keep fighting and you will eventually find the success you are pursuing. In the sales department, everyone is trained to consider a no as a step closer to a yes.


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