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Being Focused

staying-focused-study-tipsIn today’s world of email, texts, tweets, likes, Snapchats, and Instagrams, how do you stay focused? It seems like every time I’m focused on a project, invariably my phone will ring or ding or someone will come and interrupt me. Before I know it, my attention and focus is being pulled to something else. Can you relate to this?

There have been numerous studies in the past decade on how distractions affect our productivity. One study found that after an interruption it takes an average of 25 minutes for someone to return to the original task, if they do at all. Another study showed that always being connected to technology impacts your IQ equivalent to losing a night’s sleep. Moreover every time you change you focus, you use metabolic resources. So the more you change your focus, the less resources you have available. Thus, the more we change focus, the more resources we use, and the less productive we are. So, the question is, how do we stay focused?

The way our brains work is interesting. Once we choose to allow a distraction to take our focus, it is much harder to go back, but if we stop the distraction before it takes hold, we are much more successful. Thus, the main thing about maintaining focus is inhibiting distractions. This can be difficult, especially if we have conditioned ourselves for distractions; that is, opening the email as soon as the notification pops up, getting up for a cup of coffee every half hour, etc. You have to focus on what you are focusing on. Choose to observe yourself and inner monologue; catch the impulse to pick up your phone or to get up, before you actually do it. When someone comes and interrupts you, tell them nicely that you are in the middle of something, and will be with them as soon as you finish. Moreover, do not leave the tasks that take the most focus to the end of the day; focus on these first when you have the most energy and focus available. Making these minor changes may not be easy as first, but once you start working on it, you will find it easier.

You might find yourself asking, “But why do I need to stay more focused? No one else is.” However, the main question is, how do you feel at the end of most of your days? Do you feel accomplished or do you feel drained and overwhelmed? We have all gotten so accustomed to working at a small fraction of the focus level that we are capable of that it has become the norm. But we are capable of so much more. Do not allow mediocrity and the status quo to keep you from achieving your true potential.


How To Change Limiting Beliefs

How beliefs aYES_Squashre formed

When you believe that something is right, this means that you’re convinced-by logic-that this thing is right, as simple as that, right? No, this is not how beliefs are formed, a belief needs evidence to be installed, and those evidences don’t have to be real or reasonable at all, you may consider an unease look from a stranger as an evidence for a belief that says I’m boring! So you first have the belief, then you start to look for evidences to support it, then you may start to twist some facts and make them look like real evidences, so the question is Where do beliefs come from?

All the beliefs come from one place, we as humans have a need to avoid pain and a desire to gain pleasure, and the beliefs are just shortcuts ways for avoiding pain and gaining pleasure, for example your belief that says ‘it can’t be done’ could be just a shortcut for avoiding the pain of disappointment or failure you been through, and after that you start to look for evidences to support it, and because if you didn’t find evidences the belief will crash your mind will create evidences from nowhere by twisting things around, makes sense?

How to change limiting beliefs?

I’m going to show you two methods that will help you change any limiting belief, here we go.

As I said, to install a belief you need evidence/s to support it, so in order to destroy any belief or uninstall it, we must destroy the evidences, we must challenge the evidences, what does that mean? We must question the beliefs and create doubt, doubt in the evidences that support the belief that we want to destroy, for example, if someone believes that he’s boring, he needs to question his belief, really? I’m boring? Who said that? What are my evidences? Are those evidences were collected in a right way? This is how you change a belief, you question it, over and over again, the stronger the belief, the more effort it will take to question it, but eventually questioning any belief over and over again will destroy it, especially If the evidences were like “a glance from a stranger”, so challenge your false and limiting beliefs by questioning them, eventually they will breakaway.

Another powerful method to change a belief is to link some pain to it, like I said beliefs are just shortcuts to avoid pain or to gain pleasure, so when you link pain to a belief by actually realizing how much it’s damaging you, you’ll avoid that belief and thus destroy it, for example if you stopped going to the gym because of a belief that says “gym is boring” or “I have a bad genes”, but in the reality you are trying to avoid the pain of stepping into the gym, maybe because you still out of shape or for any other reason, this belief can limit you and you need to destroy it, and you can do that by actually linking pain to it, pain more than the one you’re trying to avoid by adopting this belief, how? By realizing how much it’s costing you and how much it will cost you on the long term, you’re going to be out of shape for ever, of course this is a simple example, but I guess you got the point.

How powerful is that

Beyond what you can imagine!! This is how some people manipulate others, this is how some people remain failures forever, this is how some people were able to do great things and this is how some people changed the world.

The power of the beliefs is unlimited, your beliefs about yourself, about the world, about the people around you and about the whole universe shape who you are and what you do, someone can manipulate you by challenging your integrity or by making you link pain to it, it’s a subconscious game, so take charge of your subconscious mind and don’t just accept any belief just because it’s there, it was a conviction in the past that no one would use the personal computers! Keep the good beliefs and smash the limiting ones.

Who Are You Becoming?

Becoming YouEver wonder who you are, or what direction you are heading in your life; in fact, who you are becoming? There is a simple method to find the answer to this question! You can answer this by stating all the things you would like the world to believe, or even by writing your bio for your social media page… but the real truth can be found with a simple search.

We surround ourselves with people who are what we see ourselves as becoming! Who are you friends? What are they? Where are they heading on their life journey? If you have bonded and joined them, you are on the same path with the same destination.

The exception to this rule is a person who is steeped in denial or ignorant of whom their friends or partner really is. How can you know if this fits you? It fits if you find yourself stunned to learn who they are or what they are doing; when others around you wonder how you could have been so naive when you learn the truth. Denial is a learned response to things that are unacceptable or difficult to comprehend. We typically learn to respond with denial when we experience real pain from a situation we cannot control or refuse to learn from. No one is blinder than he who sees the handwriting on the wall and refuses to read it.

If this idea makes you feel defensive as you look closely at whom you have surrounded yourself with, look closer. In fact, look so closely that you can see the part you play in that friendship or partnership. Regardless of your words, you have willingly accepted their path as one you imagine yourself to be traveling. Birds of a feather really do flock together. If you find this is appalling as you look around you, you may be ready to alter your course to one that arrives at a new destination; one that better ensures your arrival to where you really hope to go.

Just as alcoholics and drug users cannot conquer their addictions without changing their friends and acquaintances, you can’t move in a different direction without cutting ties with people who are traveling towards a place you would rather not go. You cannot walk in one direction while expecting to arrive at a place in a different direction. Common sense will attest to the fact that it is impossible to arrive at any point other than the one you are walking towards.

Look around you; you are headed in the same direction, with the same expected arrival point as those you have joined for the trip. It is the very reason that society judges you by the company you keep.

Speak No Evil – What Are the Rules?

speak no evilFrom the Ten Commandments where we are warned “Thou shalt not bear false witness” to the lovable three monkeys who help to ward off evil with their message to ‘Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak no Evil,’ we are cautioned about the effects of engaging in evil in our lives. What does ‘Speak no evil’ really mean? What are the rules we should not ignore to follow this instruction?

Is it truthful? The most obvious attribute is ensuring that our words are honest before we express opinions, thoughts or suspicions about others. We degrade ourselves even further when we intentionally speak words that we know are false. It is the trademark of a person who cannot get up without dragging someone else down. This typically denotes a personality devoid of real self-esteem.

Is it unkind? There are many things you may know about another person that are true, especially if they are a close relation, partner or ex anything. Unless there is a really good reason to ‘spill the beans’ about anyone you may know there is no good reason to do this. Intentionally stating unkind facts or relating stories that you know can be harmful to another person in any way signals that your emotions may be consumed by the green eyed monster we know as jealousy. The secondary reason people do this is a feeling of inadequacy.

Is it essential? Who hasn’t met or befriended a person who cannot stop talking, about themselves or others. They have a need or desire to impress us with their knowledge. Some even imagine they have investigative talents when they gather as much dirt as possible and then blow it around to anyone in earshot. Was it necessary to say those things or were they simply feeding an ego with a voracious appetite? The need to show everyone what you know precedes deep-seated emotional issues about oneself. There is never a good reason to spew stories about another unless you are under oath and required to do so. Even then, you will be carefully guided to ensure the other person’s rights are protected.

Leaders don’t break these rules. While it is necessary to be discerning and know what is going on around you, it is counterproductive to imagine that others have malicious intentions unless they have given you good cause to believe they do. If they have demonstrated malevolent intentions you are negligent not to note this and proceed accordingly by removing them from your life. Close the book and move on. Otherwise, words are powerful. Use yours to further your own goals, hopes and dreams.

Is Being Selfless Part Of The False Self?

selfless1When someone puts their needs first, there is the chance that they will be described as selfish. Whereas, as if they put other people’s needs first, they may end up being described as selfless.

And although these are only two of the options that someone has, they can end up being seen as the only options available. It is then not possible for them to put their needs first and to be there for others.


To be seen as selfless can make someone feel good, and this is because they are likely to receive approval from others. The down side to acting in this way is that one will have to ignore their own needs.

There is the chance that other people will show them respect, but at the same time, it is going to be hard for them to respect themselves. The reason for this is that they are neglecting their own needs in order to fulfil the needs of others.


If one is seen as being selfish, it can end up having a negative effect on them. This is partly because it is likely to stop them from being approved of by others.

The upside to being this way is that it may be possible for them to have their needs met. The amount of respect that they receive from others may decrease, but they will be able to respect themselves.


When someone is so focused on the needs of others that they end up disconnecting from their own needs, they are going to be compromising themselves. Now, this is not to say that one will realise this; as it could take place just outside of their awareness.

They can then going to end up feeling down without knowing why, and while this pain could be regulated by pleasing others, it won’t be long until this pain appears once gain. This is not to say that someone should never compromise, but if this is something that always takes place it is going to cause them to suffer unnecessarily.

Pleasing Others

It is going to be harder for someone to put their needs first when they need to please others. In this case, they are still putting themselves first, but it is their need for approval as opposed to the other needs that they have.

So although they can come across as being selfless, this is nothing more than an illusion. Behind their need to please others is an even greater need to be accepted by them, and because this need is so strong, they are willing to ignore their own needs.

The Other Side

However, if someone always puts their needs first and doesn’t think about the needs of others, it is going to be a sign that they are out of balance. This is because life is not just about taking; it is also about giving.

And in order to be in balance, it will be important for one to have moments in their life where they are there for others. Yet, even though one is there for others, it doesn’t have to mean that they are ignoring their own needs.

A Closer Look

It is then not case of one having to be selfish or selfless; they can put their needs first and take care of other people’s needs. When this happens, they are not going to end up running on empty, and at the same time, they will be making a contribution to the world.

This doesn’t mean they will be taking care of other people’s needs because they want to please them; it is going to come down to the fact that being there for others fulfils their own needs. They are still being selfish, but it could be classed as a ‘higher’ form of selfishness.

Pure Intentions

Their actions are generally going to be defined by their need to fulfil their needs, and not because they want to look good in the eyes of others. If their needs were not being met, it would be more or less impossible for them to truly be there for others.

There are still likely to be people to label them as being ‘selfish’, but then this is just part of life. What will matter is that they will be honest with themselves, and this will play a part in them being able to live a fulfilling life.

False Self

Alternatively, if one is out of touch with their needs, their life is generally going to be defined by their need to look good in the eyes of others. They are then going to be there for others, but they are not truly there for them.

The view that people have of them is not going to relate to their true self, it is going to relate to the false self they have developed. And due to how long they have experienced life in this way, they may believe that it is who they are.


At a deeper level, they may believe that the only way for them to survive is to put other people’s needs first. It then won’t matter if they are aware of their needs; as they are not going to be able to fulfil them.

This could mean that their needs were overlooked during their early years, and the only way for them to survive was to please the people round them. They would have seen their needs as something to be ashamed of and they would have disconnected from their true self in the process.


In order for someone to let go of their false self and to embrace their true self, it will be important for them to mourn their unmet childhood needs. As this takes place, they will start to feel different and their outlook will change.

This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group. Through this, one will be able to be affirmed for who they are and this will be an important part of them being able to be themselves

Fundamentals of Personal Change

Fundamentals - ChangePersonal change always occurs when an individual feels frustrated or stuck with life. This endeavor is always wonderful and stressful at the same time. We are designed to pass through challenges and stress whenever we decide to undergo personal transformation. This process can be smooth when we decide to concentrate on the vital aspects of the transformation process. The probability of attaining success is improved when these steps are followed in the process of personal change.

1. Undergo Self Orientation: There are certain things you believe in that may directly or indirectly affect your personal transformation process. These beliefs are known to negatively affect your ability to take action where necessary. That is why it will always benefit you to believe in your ability before undergoing the process of personal transformation.

Highlight all the beliefs you have that may limit your success and tackle each of them gradually. Also, counter those beliefs with some examples and ensure that you tackle all the limiting beliefs you have. It is important to know that this process is very stressful but your success is guaranteed when you follow the process. You can gradually tackle this by remembering all the horrible experiences you must have passed through in order to help you remember those limiting beliefs.

2. Set a Timeline: Humans are generally known to get things done at the 11th hour. For instance, your manager may give you an assignment and place a deadline on it, you will then be seen striving to get that assignment done at the 11th hour.

To ensure a smooth personal transformation, ensure that you set a timeline with deadline that may not prove too stressful for you. This deadline should be a little bit tough to reach and it will ensure your success. If you don’t have a deadline, your process of personal transformation will take a longer time to actualize.

3. Weigh your Progress: Personal transformation is a lengthy process which may cause adverse weight loss. However, you may gain skills during the process and you are expected to weigh your progress frequently. This will inspire you and enable you know your stance.

4. Formulate your Dreams: It is important to know the positive impact of the personal change on your life. A new vision will be needed when you discover that the current one does not suit you perfectly. However, it is very difficult to make a change but perseverance will be very difficult to attain when your dreams are not high enough.

5. Make a Decision: This is the strongest step to take and it ensures that all possibilities are taken off. Most times, we do not make decisions and when we finally decide, they are usually weak decisions which we do not follow. It is therefore important to make decision than to do nothing at all.

Also, ensure that you create various alternatives and thereafter select one. After reducing these alternatives to a small number, the remaining alternatives may be similar in terms of their benefits. So ensure you make a decision because it is better than doing nothing at all.

Your life can be positively affected through the process of personal transformation. That is why you are expected to set your vision and place a deadline to effectively attain it.

Why “Learning to Sell by Doing” Will Change Your Life

SellLearn to sell by Selling

If I were asked why I decided to dedicate myself to the creation of business rather than a traditional job search, I would answer very calmly that I did it to learn the most important skill for the time in which we live: I did it to learn how to sell. We have already described the sale as one of the agreements between those most advantageous as money, in its essential and spiritual characterization, is simply an agreement between people.

We do a little analysis of the times in which we live: have you ever wondered why the higher returns that companies pay go to the sales department than the production department? The reason is simple: because they know how to sell.

Selling is a skill so highly paid and sought after (of course for the simple laws of the market, when demand exceeds supply, the price goes up), while the capacity of the labor market to satisfy this research is always at fault. Have you wondered why there are not enough sellers or there aren’t real schools of sale?

The secret is in the doing

The reason why there are not enough competent people in sales stems from the way in which this competence is acquired: the sale is learned only by selling. Unfortunately, times change constantly, people change trend continuously, change their minds all the time, grow, communicate, belt new relationships, are stimulated by new ideas, change and are modified by the environment in which they live; the seller must then confront a material (for the seller the “raw material” to transform are people and agreements) that is always different, is beyond standardization; It is not such as to a craftsman who can sharpen his technique on a material which is quite similar from one day to another: the seller is forced to be in connection with the real scroll and change of the times and to maintain this connection he must continue to work, to sell.

One of the greatest difficulties that crushes aspiring sellers on their way to continue to operate is an inherent fear in people, the fear of rejection. Not dwell now on this subject; we’ll talk later about it.

In short terms, selling as competence is difficult to obtain both for reasons related to the external environment in which we find ourselves, that for reasons related to our internal emotions. How can we find a compass that can direct us inside these two realities? Are there fixed foundations that do not change?

The media of selling can change in time, the way to learn it, not!

The first fixed point is that in spite of the medium that is used to sell, which is likely to change over time (think of how the world of internet has changed relationships, videos, social networks, telephony and technology in general, but not only… ), there is only one way to learn how to sell: use the chosen medium and start selling! There is no better way than take the field to closely observe the ongoing changes taking place and learn how to ride them. I’m not saying that it is necessary to throw yourself into the void; we can always find mentors and teachers to guide us in the first steps. Teachers found in the sale’s world are usually sellers themselves: distrust those who don’t apply in person their own advice.

Start making errors

The second fixed point is that to “train” our subconscious to accept rejection and stop to treat it like fear, we have to use the technique of repetition. By continuing to sell, making mistakes in the sale, receiving rejections and learning from our mistakes, we will begin to perceive the rejection as an important part of the sale process itself, that is the necessary feedback to guide and refine our marketing messages, the symbols that we communicate. After all is not the sale an agreement? And how you make agreements if you do not communicate?

It’s a mandatory skill. Learn why it’s so important to learn to sell by doing it.

Stop Reacting, Start Responding

stop reacting, start respondingHave you ever stopped to think for a moment about where your life is going? Or are you simply running the race that everyone has told you is the reality of the world in which you live in? Do you know that 95% of the population are reacting to life, and not living it?

The universe is made up of 11 laws, ones that are just as measurable and as real as the law of gravity. The problem? These laws have been forgotten. These laws are the secret to the success of men such as, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill etc.

I would like to introduce to you, one of the most powerful laws: The law of non-resistance. If you understand this law correctly and apply it in your life, I guarantee you will achieve goals in a way could never even imagine.

Have you ever set goals that you were never able to accomplish, especially when you ran smack into a resistance? If you are anything like me, you’ve probably done that dozens of times. When you do anything outside the box, you will be met with resistance. Is that a bad thing? Not at all.

In fact it is a signal, indicating you are moving into a new area of your life – so resistance will occur… and the bigger the better! Unfortunately we as creatures are conditioned to resist by nature; in another words we snap into a “fight or flight” mode. We have been doing this our entire lives and what do we ultimately get? More of what we don’t want. Carl Jung, one of the wisest men in the world, said “what we resist, persists”. Think about this for a moment – whenever you put good out, you get good back – very rarely right away; when you put bad out you get it back right away.

To illustrate this deeper, lets take a look at karate and judo as great examples. There is tremendous resistance in karate when two opponents are punching, kicking, pushing each other to lose. When it comes to judo, the greater competitor will use his/her opponent’s strength against them. It teaches you a great lesson in life – to respond rather than react.

Winston Churchill is a great example of an expert when it comes to psychological judo. Lady Astor once told him, “Sir Winston, if I was your wife I would put arsenic in your coffee.” Mr. Churchill replied, “Madam, If I was your husband, I would drink it.” Instead of reacting to her statement and causing more damage, he simply responded to it. It is one of the most peaceful ways of living life. George Bernard Shaw sent Sir Winston an invitation to “My Fair Lady” and on the card he wrote, “Bring a friend if you have one.” Mr. Churchill responded, saying he was sorry as he was tied up with prior commitments, but if the play runs for a second night he would be glad to see it.

If you react to something, instead of responding to it, you may win the battle, but you will lose the war. Let it go! When you react to life, whatever that has made you react wins, but when you respond to life, YOU win. Bare in mind that when there is a lot of resistance, you are on the right track. When I began this journey of becoming a life coach to help millions of people all over the world, I faced enormous resistance and I still am facing new ones as I am reaching towards that goal. I just know that I am one giant step closer each time I am facing any type of resistance – in fact, I accept it with open arms.

My mentor, Bob Proctor, related a story about a teenager who once spoke up in his course about this idea. The little boy said, “reacting is habit, [when] responding you have to think.”

The law of non-resistance is one of the most powerful laws you will ever come across and if you master this, I guarantee you will reach your goals exactly how you imagined it in your mind. Visit our website below to receive free articles from us, and look into our Thinking Into Results program: a 12 week or 24 week phenomenal course, that will condition you to automatically respond to situations rather than react to them. Take a different step today to get the results you have been waiting for and watch your life change the second you begin!

The Greatest Spiritual Truth

abu-bakr-abu-bakr-the-greatest-truth-is-honesty-and-the-greatestSo how can you change your life and your relationships in one simple step? The answer is the greatest spiritual truth. And it is simply to be truthful and honest; first with yourself and then with people and all your life’s dealings. Why does honesty matter? When we are truly honest with ourselves and others we create a positive energy in our lives that attracts more honesty and goodness in our life. Conversely, our lack of honesty creates a negative energy that can often create havoc and stress in our life and to those around us.

So how do you become honest with yourself? Again, the answer is pretty simple. Ask yourself the question, “Who do I want to Be?” And be honest with yourself when you answer that questions for yourself, Do I want to be a great father/mother?; do I want to learn more so I can teach others?; do I want to be successful so I can help others be successful?; maybe even more simply do I want to help people or hurt people? Take a critical but not harshly judgemental look at your life and see where you are honest and where you are not and how you can change those shortcomings.Who do you want to be?

We can all look at our lives and pretty easily see where we have created many of our issues and problems because we simply have not been honest. If we look at our world on a broader perspective, the untruths told by people especially in some form of power i.e. politicians, leaders, military, law enforcement, legal authority corporate management etc., has caused chaos and destruction to peoples lives and our environment.

That begins to change when we choose to be honest… with ourselves and each other. Will our words or actions be kind and helpful or hurtful and destructive. Who do you want to be?

Greater personal fulfillment, peace and success will begin to emerge into your life when you become honest. Your life may even become a bit more magical as those things that you hope to achieve personally and professionally may begin to actualize. These positive changes may not always happen in the way you imagined or perceived so you need to be open and flexible, but they will happen.

I am sharing this because my life has often been filled with a bit of magic and wonderful unexpected surprises. My challenges these days seem to be with people who are not fundamentally honest and I have to be diligent about recognizing that to protect myself and often teach them about being honest.

Hate – Insidious and Ensnaring

STOP_THE_HATE_logoHate is a word most of us have used, oftentimes in a careless way. Examples might be “I hate cold weather” or “I hate squash.” Someone might reference the economy, their going nowhere job, or even someone they really dislike when they think or say the word hate in these instances. So what does hate literally mean?

According to Webster, hate is a strong feeling of dislike or an aversion to persons or objects, and suggests a feeling of malice. It can also mean looking down on someone or something with great contempt, repugnance or disgust. You get the picture – it is a word that truly denotes total and vehement loathing for that person or thing to which it is directed.

Hate is a cancerous treachery because is eats at you from the inside out. It is more toxic than any chemical, and is a fast-acting poison that permeates every fiber of your being, radiating that poisonous energy to all who cross your path. What happens once it possesses you is that it takes over your life and is in complete control of how you act and react to all people and things that appear on your life path. Funny thing is, that when someone feels hate toward another being or thing, they actually want everyone around them to feel it to. This is why hate is so treacherous, because its poison spreads like a wildfire, infecting everyone and everything in which it comes in contact.

These are strong words that I have shared with you, but they are truth. Hate is totally negative and can do nothing good for anyone because its energy base is from fear, and whatever energy you put out is what comes back to you like a boomerang. You cannot feel peace in your life when hate is in control, and love is impossible for you to feel at a depth more than superficial.

So how can you remove hate from your life and be rid of its control over you?
There is only one way, and that is through forgiveness. Many people look at forgiveness as a sign of weakness when actually, it’s a sign of strength. Hating is easy to do, whereas forgiving is hard to do. The strange thing about forgiveness is how it benefits you most of all.

It takes a lot of energy to hold onto hate, and it weighs you down while affecting so many of your life choices. Forgiveness frees you and lightens that weight around you, allowing for love to enter your life. Love is what sets you free and brings the good to you; it is the only thing that can ever overcome hate. Holding onto all that hate keeps you in bondage, like a prison of negativity.

Many people think forgiveness is for the other person or object. While it can be beneficial for others at times, forgiveness has the most benefits for your life. It is the freedom to love that it brings which gives you the greatest benefit, a freedom to just be who you are meant to be. Sometimes, you may feel justified in your hateful feelings toward someone, so if you forgive you are not excusing them of making unwise decisions that hurt you in some way. What you are doing is freeing yourself of the burden of carrying around all that hate, guilt, anger or blame.

Blame is part of hate for most individuals. Someone has to be “charged” for the injustice and it is not you, so hating seems logical and justifiable. But as I shared above, hating eats away at you from the inside out, poisoning every area of your life, so how can that be beneficial for you? Furthermore, it tends to gain momentum the longer you carry it around, helping it to grow like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill. Obviously, it isn’t beneficial in any way and creates treacherous havoc for you. Let God and the universe deal with the justice part and free yourself to simply love.

Remember this important fact – no one is perfect and no one makes wise decisions all the time. You’ve made many choices thus far in your life that were not always the best choice – that same is true for everyone else in your life. By simply forgiving, you allow yourself that wonderful freedom of keeping your energy for your life rather than giving it away to hate and all its negative side effects. Hate serves absolutely nothing good for you, so letting go of the hate and forgiving anyone you presently hate in your life allows you to experience unconditional love and peace. Even if the person did something hurtful, unkind or infuriating, by allowing God to handle the consequences and forgiving that person, you allow healing to occur and a windfall of love, peace and freedom to fall upon you.

So as you can see, hate affects you most of all. It serves no good in your life, and if left to continue festering inside of you, will eventually spill out and destroy the people you love as well as your own life. Being ensnared by hate keeps you from enjoying your life as well as all the people in your life, so release the hate by forgiving those who you know you have felt great dislike or hatred towards, and you will experience amazing peace. It may feel difficult to do, but it will be so worth it and will bring you many blessings.

At times it will be necessary to actually speak with someone who you directed this hatred toward, telling them how you feel and perhaps asking for their forgiveness. Sometimes speaking with them isn’t possible and it may be that you simply forgive that person and yourself to God. Be assured that either way, your internal energy will shift and those around you will feel the difference in you and will respond favorably to it. When one person changes, it forces a change in everyone else, whether they want to or not. If you drop the negativity and switch to a loving, positive attitude, there is no way that the energy will remain as it was.

Whatever it is that you didn’t want to accept has created a dark cloud that shrouds you with negativity, and that cannot ever bring you peace, contentment, happiness or a real appreciation for life itself. Take time today to forgive those you’ve placed negative feelings on and then forgive yourself for ever harboring those feelings. I’ll close with the following quotes from two well known individuals: Shakti Gawain said “Anything in life that we don’t accept will simply make trouble for us until we make peace with it,” and Ann Landers stated “Hate is like acid. It can damage the vessel in which it is stored as well as destroy the object on which it is poured.”

Since hate serves no good in your life and eats away at you from the inside out like an acid, it’s time for you to get rid of all those negative feelings of hatred and practice forgiveness, which is based from love. The vibrations of hatred that you feel, radiate out from you and bring life experience in that same negative vibration. Choose to live through love, for love is the only things that heals and brings good to you.

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