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A Messed Up Mind

My HeadThe mind is an awesome tool. It is capable of incredible and unbelievable feats. It processes more than the most powerful computer. In fact the concept of the computer is modeled after the functioning of the mind.

Like a computer it has requests entered into it and reacts and responds accordingly. A computer takes that input and because it is a Servo-Mechanism, it processes it and provides a response based on the nature of the request. There is a computer term called GIGO which means Garbage in Garbage Out. The problem is if the computer receives too much garbage it soon slows down and eventually quits operating correctly.

During the course of our lives we put a lot of Garbage or Junk in our minds. If we don’t clear that JUNK out our minds begin to clog up and slow down. If you are wondering why you are unable to reach your goals or attain success it may be because you have too much Mess clogging it up.

It’s time to get rid of the Clutter. That JUNK is (Just Unnecessary Negative Knowledge). You see it is knowledge, but Negative knowledge. It is stuff we know but is flawed and not necessary for the operation of our Best Self. When you Get Rid of the Mess, it frees up the mind to operate at our Best Self Level. If you want to begin to win again, make up your mind to Cast out the Clutter.

A Mind full of Mess, Junk and Clutter will not function the way it needs to. Start inputting Positive and Proper knowledge into your brain and watch how much better you perform. At the same time start deleting some of the Negative and Unnecessary knowledge and you will see a difference that is Extraordinary.

If the truth be told most people are unaware that they have a mind full of junk. It is like going out into a minefield and getting blown to bits because you are unaware that there are unexploded landmines. Well there are many unexploded mind bombs. They cause untold and unnecessary havoc in our lives. The excess negativity and useless info is what causes our minds to slow and not be as productive as they once were.

It is easy to improve the quality of our lives and remove the excess garbage from our minds. It starts with realizing the non-necessary aspects and working overtime to keep the mind free and clear of thrash.. Again I say Get rid of the Junk and live a life free of Garbage!

There is so much trash in most people’s minds that it ‘s like in a computer… You have to empty the trash


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