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Have you ever had one of those days where the dust of today just doesn’t seem to clear for tomorrow and where the emotional forecast is calling for more whirlwinds of irrational thoughts, perhaps mixed with some stress and/or anxiety, and bouts of crying, questioning, doubting, or worrying?

You wake up and you are met with a new dawn but the prediction for it doesn’t look much brighter than the day before.

Perhaps you are feeling the pressure and stresses of finances or a relationship, or that life is all work and no play, or you are facing an illness or someone you know is.

Maybe you are feeling at a loss, or that things are out of your control, or you are concerned about the outcome of a situation, or apprehensive about the future.
Just about anything can leave a day feeling pretty dismal and gloomy. You might feel that even though the sun is shining ou

tside you seem to be under a dark cloud inside.
Well, good news. You can anticipate a cleaning!
The greatest outcomes of the challenges you face are the possibilities.

A possibility to…
Grow and learn something new about yourself or someone else.
Start with a fresh mind-set.
Leave yesterday(s) behind and see today as a new day.
See the promise that this day could hold.
Enjoy today the best you can.
Adjust your attitude.
Begin again.
Put things back in perspective.
Ask for help and receive it.
Listen for guidance and hear it this time.
Make amends.
Gain insights.

For some, it can be days, and sometimes, even years before they feel like there is a new dawn, a new day, and that they can move forward again.
For others, they feel overcome by the resentments, pain, or unfairness of it all. Even though there is a new day there isn’t a new way. It is possible though.
Yes, in the present day the past may hang around a lot longer than you would like and you may not be able to let it go “at this point in time”.
At this point says, “Right now this is how things are, but they can change”.
I don’t believe it’s so much about letting yesterday(s) go as it is about learning about and from them.
Each time you discover something about yourself is like a star shining in the midnight’s sky. It may seem far away but it’s there right before your eyes.
Sometimes it can be difficult to get out of our heads and back to what is before us in this very moment. If we choose to accept it as it is and allow it to embrace and grace us, this day is filled with potential!

How do you leave yesterday behind and see today as a new day?
Start off by saying exactly that, “Today is a new day”.
Then you ask, “What did I learn from yesterday and about myself that can help me today?”
You let yourself know that although you may still have thoughts and emotions from yesterday, today is still a new-found day filled with hope.
You look to the moments that are still perfect in the emotional storm you are encountering.
You remind yourself that the skies will clear even though a few clouds may still linger, and that’s perfectly okay.
Even though yesterday may be clouding over today, there are rainbows and sunshine after the emotional thunderstorms. Believe it is so and so it is.
Remember, today is a blessing even though it may be disguised in uncertain skies.
The Insight Technique assists you leaving yesterday behind and that today is a new day filled with new possibilities.

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