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How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? What is our compass? What do we deem to be valuable? What ideas do we choose to act upon?

To navigate successfully through life, we need a good compass. In 1975 Larry Veatch,”…values provide us with a pattern by which we can behave to gain satisfaction.” Values are the basis by which we make decisions that guide our behaviour. If we behave in a manner consistent with our values, we should be satisfied with our efforts. Our value-guided behaviour should lead to accomplishments that are satisfying.

How do we acquire our values? We construct our values over time, based on what we are taught by others, including our parents and teachers, and what we learn from our experiences. We develop over time an understanding of the world and what is important. What we determine to be important becomes our values, which give us direction and guides us in making decisions. Being efficient in achiev

ing contentment depends on our ability to find resources and make decisions consistent with our values.

Values involve the beliefs of an individual or culture and to some degree each individual comes to possess his own ideas about reality expressed through philosophy, a system of values, and the moral standards which guide his behaviour. What is it that we seek; what will, if achieved, give us satisfaction? Values incorporate things that people want and need such as health, clothing, housing, food, sex, love and intimacy. We obtain a sense of accomplishment through work, skills, play, and spiritual activity; activities through which we seek security.

We sometimes need guidance from others as well as from our values. Life coaching assists clients to define core values and make commitments to do the right thing. The choices we make shape our personality. Fulfilment comes through the matching of our actions to our
Our inner world includes the values that determine our thinking and give us direction. Values guide our choices. The strength of our values determines the degree of our motivation and whether or not we act on our choices. values. Personal effectiveness includes being clear about your fundamental values and making choices consistent with them. Your perception of reality helps determine your level of happiness, sense of peace, and enjoyment. Productivity and relationships develop from your values.

Contentment and a fulfilling life are based on good relationships, job satisfaction, and social skills. Contentment comes from making choices and taki


ng action that is consistent with our values. Success is acting effectively in a manner that is consistent with our values that are compatible with the others with whom we live – family, community, and beyond.

To get from where you are to where you want to be, you need a good compass. Take stock of your values and determine if they give you good direction and if they are compatible with the other people in your life. We are who we are to a large extent because of our relations with others. Your values should be compatible, and positive, and motivating you to take productive action. Your behaviour serves you best if it is purposeful and guiding you along your chosen path to contentment. Your values are your compass that helps you navigate through life toward your destination. Enjoy your journey.




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