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Confidence – Everyone Wants It, Few Have It

Everyone has tips for confidence these days. Search the internet, you will see thousands of articles and sites providing information on confidence, how to get it, how important it is, and what to do when you have it. I am not saying my tips are the best, or even for everyone, but they have worked for me.

Eye contact with everything and everyone, is a great way to not only make yourself feel confident, but look confident to those around you. Looking people in the eye when they talk can really give people the sense that you are listening to everything they are saying and that you are not shy towards that person. In regular conversations looking someone in the eye can exude confidence. Making eye contact does not just mean only making eye contact with everyone, which you should do, but also to look ahead as you walk, face those walking towards you. Do not walk with your head down towards the ground. Stand tall and proud, head held high, and really show the world you mean business.

Do not worry, be optimistic towards all hardships you may be faced with, not being stressed out or appearing nervous to others can really help exude confidence. Thinking of the positives can really help minimize stress. Trying to be positive in any scenario can really help the situation: paper due tomorrow, well you have eight hours; bad grade on a test, you know what not to do next time. Know that everything works out and never let anyone see you sweat.

Never apologize, if anything be creative, but the words sorry only help those who have more power than you. Have confidence in yourself and what you do and not apologizing proves that you know what you are doing and that “take no prisoners” mentality. Saying sorry, especially all the time, gives the mousy approach and that you are not to be taken seriously. Something obviously everyone would want to avoid in any situation. Not saying sorry is a great way to appear confident and show that you know who you are and what you do and do not need approval from anyone else. I am not saying to never apologize, big problems may call for some apologizes, just do not approach the world thinking that you have anything to be sorry for, take the world by storm and if anything make people say sorry to you.

These little tips have helped me in a quick amount of time. I have really tried to change the way I am perceived and created ways in which to do so. These little tips helped me in many ways and have really defined myself as a leader and an overall great person.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cody_Childress

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7012279


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One thought on “Confidence – Everyone Wants It, Few Have It

  1. yomi on said:

    You seem to be giving hint on how to be arrogant and not really on how to be confident

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